While some people may see fitting automated gates at the end of your driveway as an extravagance that is not the case. There are many reasons why installing electric gates in your home can be beneficial to you. While there is obviously an associated cost, we thought we would look at how the benefits far outweigh the expense and ultimately prove to be a very cost-effective solution. So, we thought we would take a look at five of the obvious benefits of fitting electric gates to allow you to make a more informed decision on whether they are suitable for your home. 

Improved Security 

Now one thing that is certain about would-be intruders is that they will always look for an easy option. This means that any property with up to date and advanced security measures will usually be given a wide berth. This is one of the reasons why many people choose to install automated gates on their property. Now there is absolutely no guarantee that electric gates will completely remove the possibility of being burgled, however, it will certainly significantly lessen the chances of it happening. 

If you live in a property with a long driveway with an unobstructed entrance it is easy for would-be thieves to gain access to your property without detection. However electric gates allow you to control access to your property reducing the chances of someone entering uninvited. Anyone attempting to climb over electric gates, or tamper with them runs the risk of being spotted by passers-by and the limelight is something that intruders definitely shun. 

They are Much More Convenient  

Having to get out of your car to unlock the gates when you arrive home from work can prove extremely tiresome. The fact that they can be operated with at the touch of a button to allow you to enter your premises is one of the reasons that electric gates have become a popular addition to many homes. You can also open them remotely from the comfort of your sofa when you have visitors. I mean why walk down a long drive when you can do everything at the touch of a button. 

Electric Gates make it easy for you to enter your property quickly and without fuss at all times. Modern technology now allows some gates to be programmed to open at certain times to allow delivery drivers to access your property. 

Access Control 

As we mentioned above automated gates give you total control over who enters or exits your property. This includes everyone from friends and relatives to delivery drivers and other random visitors or unexpected callers. The ability to keep track of visitors is an important part of keeping your home and its inhabitants safe and secure. 

Having the ability to control your gates at the touch of a button make you less likely to forget to lock them, or to leave them open to save you having to walk down the drive. All in all the ability to control the opening and closing of your gates at the touch of a button is one of the major benefits of automated gates. 

Reduced Insurance Premiums

Anything that improves the security of your property can only help when it comes to insurance premiums. The installation of electric gates demonstrates to your insurers the fact that you take security seriously and as such, there is less chance of you making a claim. This will in many cases lead to you being offered discounts on your home cover. This is another demonstration of how fitting electric gates can prove extremely cost-effective. 

Increased Property Value and Kerb Appeal 

Features such as electric gates that improve security are always a great selling point if you decide to sell your property. Not only will they help you to sell your property quickly but are likely to add value at the same time. This is because potential buyers will recognise that this is something that will make their new home a more secure and convenient place. 

There is no denying that electric gates have a certain presence that can make any property look more imposing. They will without a doubt give your home more kerb appeal than normal gates. 

So, as you can see there are many reasons why installing electric gates on your property is not only beneficial but extremely cost-effective. Hopefully, the things we have listed above will help you when it comes to deciding on a new entrance to your driveway. 

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