Apple has announced a new digital key that will work with an array of smart locks. This means you can use your iPhone to unlock your front door, garage door, or any other device that’s compatible with their new keys. The Wallet app on iPhone stores a digital key in the same way it does with boarding passes and credit cards. This is to make it easier to store, retrieve, and use this information. The Wallet app also keeps these keys secure & encrypted on the device.

These new digital keys will take advantage of the Ultra-Wideband chip within the iPhone and provide a simple way for owners to unlock their cars, homes and office directly from their iPhone. By using the Ultra-Wideband chips precision location features it will automatically detect when you are near the lock, and unlock it for you.

In future, Apple will allow hotels to distribute keys for room cards through Apple Wallet. The first hotel group to use the future will be Hyatt Hotels which will ensure you have a key before you check-in.

As part of the plans, Apple will make it possible to scan official government documents, like ID’s and driving licences so you can show your phone instead of a driver’s license when required to do so by government agencies.

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