Over the last few years, the technology surrounding locking mechanisms has made significant advancements. As a result, the time has come to embrace new technologies, especially if they can make homes and businesses safer, more convenient, and provide you with greater peace of mind. 

With lock and key systems being such a crucial component of any property, it is not surprising that they have evolved beyond all recognition in recent years. There are now a plethora of options available when it comes to locking systems for home and business owners. No longer are they just limited to the old mortice, deadlocks or that old favourite the padlock. 

There is now a range of smart locks on the market that make it easier for home and business owners to control entry to their premises. So we thought we would have a look at five reasons why you should employ the services of a smart lock locksmith to fit a new upgraded system to your property. 

Smart Locks Remove the Need for Keys 

Fitting smart locks in your property will undoubtedly simplify the entry procedures. It immediately removes the risk of lost keys falling into the wrong hands and putting your home or business at risk. It also means you no longer need to leave spare keys with a relative, neighbour or in a safe place just in case you lose yours. In the case of businesses, it also removes the need for you to have a number of different keys in circulation at any one time, which can be difficult to keep track of. Smart locks provide convenient authentication, which is accessible, secure, and eliminates the worry of losing keys. 

Smart Locks Offer Much Improved Security 

Since their introduction smart locks have become a significant deterrent to would-be thieves and intruders. Unlike older manual locking systems smart locks deny thieves the chance to pick a lock and unlock your doors by hand. Smart keyless locking systems allow you to limit entry to your property to people with prior approval, and this can be done in a number of ways. Smart locking systems can also be integrated into wider security systems in both homes and businesses, and also give you the option of remote monitoring. This type of system allows you to receive alerts if suspicious activity is detected in the vicinity of your home or business. As a result, you can keep an eye on your property wherever you are. 

Use Your Phone as a Key with Smart Locks

In the modern world, nearly everyone has a smartphone that they use for everything from accessing the internet to paying for goods and services. So, it is only natural there are now locking systems that can be accessed through an app on your phone. We’ve all seen how easy it is to make a contactless payment with your phone, so why should opening your door be any different. A virtual key on your phone will be protected by all the security features on your phone such as passcodes and face recognition. Not only is this an ideal way to make your home more secure, but it can save you from having to scrabble about in your pocket or bag for your keys.

Send E Keys with Smart Locks

We feel this is one of the best features associated with smart locking systems. Rather than having to get a number of sets of keys cut for your property you can just send an E Key as and when someone needs it. For example, if you have relatives visiting, no longer do you have to wait in, you can just send them an E Key. E Keys are also ideal for people who use their homes as holiday lets or for landlords with rental properties as they remove the risk of having a number of keys in circulation and once someone leaves the property that key can be deleted.  

In conclusion, smart locks offer not only flexibility but also provide the home or business owner with a much higher level of security than standard manual locking mechanisms. They are also able to provide new innovative ways for you to effectively manage access to your property.

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