For many years when you used a car park, you would pay your money to the man in the little hut at the entrance. Then as time moved on came the introduction of pay and display with ticket machines situated at certain points around the car park. Now both these systems had one thing in common they were both relatively labour intensive and to be honest not overly efficient. 

With the advancement of technology car park owners now have access to much more up to date and efficient methods of car park control. One such option is the use of Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras. Automatic Number Plate Recognition or ANPR as it is more commonly known has become much more accessible and affordable over recent times, so we thought we would look at five reasons why you should fit an ANPR as an access and management control solution for your car park. 

It is Much More Efficient 

When you install an ANPR parking system on your car park you are guaranteed 24-hour coverage. ANPR cameras will take the details of any vehicles entering and leaving your car park. Once they have done this they can notify you if anyone overstays the period they have paid for. All this is done without the need for any manual intervention, making them significantly more cost-effective than other options. ANPR can also be linked to cloud-based payment solutions allowing you to dispense with on-site payments if you prefer as people can pay on an associated app. 

ANPR Cameras make your Car Park Much More Secure 

Because your car park is monitored 24/7 it significantly reduces the chance of theft, vandalism and other types of criminal behaviour. Criminals by their very nature are averse to any form of limelight, and the fact they risk being caught on camera will in most cases lead to them giving your car park a wide berth. ANPR camera images can be used as evidence in any criminal investigation as well to help with insurance claims. 

ANPR Car Park Systems are Relatively Low Cost 

As with any new technology when they first hit the market ANPR cameras carried quite a hefty price tag. However, technology has moved on and as a result, there is a wide range of ANPR cameras available, meaning that prices have come down in price. Starting from as little as £1000 ANPR systems offer you an opportunity to reduce costs and maximise your income. 

Helps You to maximise Revenue

After your initial outlay, the only costs will be regular maintenance and calibration. ANPR cameras ensure people are unable to find a way to avoid paying for their parking. This significantly reduces the amount of lost revenue from your car parking space. This is because every vehicle is registered upon entering and leaving your car park allowing you to accurately monitor the duration of any stay and ensure that the correct payment has been made. The installation of an ANPR Parking System will remove the need to have personnel patrolling your car park making a significant saving on cost. 

Reduction in Admin

One of the biggest challenges faced by car park owners is the amount of administration that is involved. The majority of this is dealing with unauthorised stays or complaints and takes up a huge amount of time and resources. The evidential assistance provided by ANPR cameras can reduce both time and cost when dealing with these issues making your operation much more efficient and profitable. 

In conclusion, it is no surprise that over the last few years that ANPR camera systems have become a familiar sight in many car parks. There is no doubt they make any car park operation much more efficient, secure and cost-effective. 

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