For many people, the internet is something that enables them to shop online and participate in discussions on social media. But with the recent advancements in the Internet of Things, we are now able to connect a wide variety of electronic devices together. Most people are probably aware you can connect smartphones to computers, tablets and even watches, however, connectivity extends much further than this, and can now play an integral part in the security of your home. This is because you can link up a variety of household devices such as remote control garage doors, doorbells, burglar alarms and smart locks.

Advancement in technology now means that these devices can communicate with each other, through a wide array of communication protocols that can send data over both short and long distances. As a result, you can now control many of the devices in your home by tapping your smartphone. By taking advantage of these advancements in technology you can make your home a much more secure place for you and your family. By linking up devices you can even monitor your home while you are on a night out or away on holiday. So, we thought we would have a look at some of the ways automation can improve the overall security of any home. 

Install Smart Locks in Your Property 

There is no doubt that smart locks will help make your home more secure. Smart locks offer you a keyless option meaning you can open your doors without a physical key. They are usually controlled using a smartphone app, which usually features a keypad into which you tap a unique code. 

A smart locking system connects to your homes wi-fi network allowing you to unlock your doors with your smartphone. Smart locks remove the need for you to have multiple sets of keys and you no longer have to worry about them falling into the wrong hands if you lose them or they are stolen. Also with some smart locks, you will get notifications on your mobile phone if you forget to lock up. If you happen to mislay your smartphone, it is easy to change the code on your locks. By eliminating these possibilities you will significantly reduce the chances of your home being burgled. 

Fit Smart Sensors to your Windows

While motion sensors have been on the market for a while, there are now advanced systems that can be operated using an app on your smartphone. By fitting motion sensors to your doors and windows, your home will immediately become more secure. When activated motion sensors will detect any unexplained movement immediately and send you an alert. As with smart locks, this allows you to monitor your property at all times and notify the authorities as soon as any suspicious activity is detected. 

There are now remote control garage doors that can be linked to a home automation hub. This allows you to download an app and use it to control the operation of your garage door. This means you no longer have to worry about losing the keys, or even your remote control device as all details will be secured on your mobile phone. Some systems will also notify you when your door is left open, the ability to open and close your garage doors from a distance makes your home not only more secure but a much more convenient place to live. 

Remote CCTV Cameras 

The advent of remote CCTV cameras means that you can now watch your home from virtually anywhere in the world that has an internet connection. This is because Wi-Fi technology allows you to connect your CCTV security cameras to your phone. This allows you to have a constant live feed and monitor who comes and goes from your house when you are not at home. As with normal CCTV cameras, you can get a video feed that can be used as evidence if anyone attempts to break into your property. 


These are just four of the ways you can make your home more secure by using smart technology. Increased security is not the only reason for smart technology, it can also be used to operate things such as lights, thermostats and blinds making your home a comfortable place to reside.

Despite the convenience and security these technologies can provide, it is worthwhile to think about ways to improve the security of your network in general. Using VLANs combined with appropriate firewall rules will ensure your IoT devices only have access to the resources they need.

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